i'm sory..so sory. :'(

I have been silent for a while, its been long,
but that doesn’t really mean I have nothing to say,

but feel if i say something there isn’t anyone who will listen to it.
Its like shouting in the middle of a crowd of intoxicated people, 
where no matter how much you shout, no one will listen or care.

Life is sometimes smooth, 
but in no time it becomes tough, very tough.
People often don’t imagine or care to think about the tough times when the going gets smooth.
When you are in a roller coaster, you can’t think of anything but the end of it and when it ends, 
you wish that the ride shouldn’t have ended.

Our life is like that, extremely unpredictable, uncertain 
and you never know what’s gonna happen the next moment. 
We often plan big, think big, 
but then life smiles at us from behind and think how foolish we are to make castles in the air.

So isn’t it better to be silent  
and watch the time pass by, watch the sun rise, set and rise again…
the water to flow by… 
there is no point in saying anything when the other person isn’t there to hear it.
So it’s better to be silent and just let time speak for itself, 

but then it doesn’t mean I have nothing to say…

 thank you, for have a time for listennn. =,=

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